What do educators have to say about Empowering Writers?



“Empowering Writers has been the catalyst for a phenomenal change in our teachers.  Teachers who were once reluctant ot teach writing are now enthusiastic and excited in sharing what they know about the writing process.  When teachers are excited – students are excited, and our kids are turned on to writing.  Isn’t that simply fantastic?”

- Dave Foster, Language Arts Coordinator



“This training and methodology has allowed our district to break an 11-year run of stagnant scores!”

- Cathy White, Principal



“Empowering Writers is an amazing program,  It is one of the few methodologies I have used in my 28 years of teaching which can be implemented immediately.  The foundation for teaching students how to write is presented in an easy to follow format thus helping students gain confidence from the start.  Students excited about writing equals Empowered Writers.”

- Jan Rampey, 5th Grade Teacher



“Just wanted you to know that it was officially announced that my 4th grade team had the highest TAKS scores for Writing in the El Paso Independent School District. This speaks volumes, since our school is a Title 1 campus.  I have shared what I do with my team, and the results speak for themselves.”

- Emily Delgado, 4th Grade Teacher 



“Empowering Writers is why we are an exemplary writing school.  EW made all the difference.”

- Jeaneen Tucker, Principal



“Empowering Writers is a great program and many of the schools in our area are starting to ask us what we are using since our scores are so good.”

- Jan Townsend, 4th Grade Teacher



“In the course of teaching these last 25 years, I have run across countless teacher workshops, and teacher aids for all subjects.  Never before have I found a workshop or a book that I truly felt helped me teach writing well.  The strength of this workshop and program is that it uses the strategies and techniques that real authors use to create a good story.  The workshop and program are extremely well researched, and it’s organized in a way that is very teacher friendly.  This workshop will give teachers the strategies they need to implement this program immediately.”   

- Angela Olsen, 4th Grade Teacher



“At long last, teachers have a systematic, comprehensive approach to targeted techniques necessary for “good writing”, with even our youngest writers.”

- Mary Beth Stickley, Director Early Childhood Department



“We have never seen writing like this from our second graders – not ever.”

- Latrice Simmons, 2nd Grade Teacher



"Students who scored a 1/1 on their open response writing last year are now scoring a 3/3. This is a huge improvement especially when I have only been doing this for 3 months – already we see rising scores.  I have never, in my ten years of teaching, had a group of kids more excited to write!"

- Melissa Zeitz, Special Education


"Empowering Writers, we only had 23% of our 4th graders get commended on writing, but in the few months we used the Empowering Writers materials, our scores jumped to 43% commended! Seeing the difference in what just that little portion the program made."

- Connie Drager, 4th Grade Teacher


"Our state test scores rose all the way to 100% passing! Port Houston Elementary (a small, Title I, community-based school) is now a Texas Exemplary school!  We couldn’t be more proud, but we owe a huge part of our success to Empowering Writers.  I know we couldn’t have done it without their help!   Thank you so much, and I look forward to our continued collaboration for many, many more years to come."

- Reid Whitaker, Principal



“Thank you for linking authentic literature as it is the perfect fluid flow between my reading and writing program.”

- Pat Frillici, 4th Grade Teacher







“Empowering writers not only empowers students to become better writers…it also empowers teachers by giving them the tools they need to become effective teachers of writing. This engaging workshop motivated and energized teachers so much so that they couldn’t wait to get back to school to plan their writing program.”

- Dr. Laura Albanese, Principal



“The Bridgeport Public School district has used the Empowering Writers program for the past six years to create a unified writing system for our elementary students. The school district continues to meet state requirements in the area of writing.”

- Cynthia Fernandes, Executive Director Learning & Teaching



“After just one year of using the Empowering Writers approach we have begun to see measurable increases in our MCAS scores. Children performing in the less than proficient range either improved to the proficient range or were making significant progress in that direction.  I attribute this success to the consistent implementation of the Empowering Writers program across and between grade levels. The difference in the writing of ‘empowered students’ compared to others was clearly evident in our citywide summer program.

One teacher involved noted the exceptionally high quality of elaborative detail that stood out in the writing of one student in particular – that student had been ‘empowered’ through the use of Empowering Writers teaching and resource materials in my school.”

- Diane Gagnon, Principal 



“The tools I received from the Empowering Writers workshop are priceless. I was finally shown a plan that can truly teach kids how to write. For the first time in my career, I feel that from the beginning of the year until the kids test, I have a way to enable them all to become wonderful writers. I am also thankful for having had this opportunity.  Teacher’s Salary – $40,000 /Writing seminar through district – $3,000 / TAKS Practice Books – $1,500 /Empowering Writers Narrative Workbook – “Priceless”

- Julie Worster, 7th Grade Teacher 



“It was like a breath of fresh air to actually have an educator share her excellent methods of teaching writing. Barbara made teaching writing look so intriguing yet simple enough for all students to be successful. I can’t wait to try the lessons in my own classroom and watch my students excel in writing. I would highly recommend this workshop to any educator looking to improve student’s writing skills.”

- Shannon Gee, 4th Grade Teacher



“This was a conference I left feeling as if I had an actual outlined plan, Sept. – June, with skills that were teachable, manageable and enticing to both the teacher and student.  I left with the language and knowledge of a writer.”

- Jill Puleo, 2nd Grade Teacher



“This workshop gives a clear, concise way to introduce writing to kindergartners. I really like all the lesson ideas given in the workshop and in the manual.”

- Jennifer Cleveland, Kindergarten Teacher



“Empowering Writers is the BEST tool in assisting educators with presenting wonderful writing techniques. It was through the narrative writing training that I took many years ago that helped me to better understand teaching writing and my 4th graders’ scores soared with this “Empowering” tool!”

 - Wendy Johnson, Carteret County Schools



“This was an outstanding workshop! The content was very informative to me as a 4th grade teacher. Thank you for the explanations and modeling each concept. I recommend all teachers taking this workshop!”

- Tara Hester, 4th Grade Teacher



“I enjoyed this workshop. The components will work well with English II students for 10th grade writing test.  Everything in this session will help me prepare my other English students for all types of writing. Thank you for a good day in Clayton! I feel empowered to empower my students!”

- Martha Davis, 9-12 Grade Teacher



“This is the BEST writing workshop I’ve ever taken! I look forward to implementing it.”

- Kimberly Cockerill, 4th Grade Teacher